'The Bachelor' Season 21: Why Do All the Bachelorettes Want to Be Dolphins or The Little Mermaid?
'The Bachelor' Season 21: Why Do All the Bachelorettes Want to Be Dolphins or The Little Mermaid?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Bachelor season 21 will be Nick Viall's fourth time trying to find love on national TV. After being the runner-up twice on The Bachelorette and rejecting a declaration of love on Bachelor in Paradise, Nick will have his pick of the eligible lady litter, finally being the star of a Bachelor Nation show. A quick perusal of some of the interview answers from the bachelorettes of season 21 doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for Nick's romantic future, though. Season 21 might be entertaining but according to the interviews available on ABC.com, the women of season 21 look to be very ... unique.

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Everyone Loves Dolphins ... And The Little Mermaid

The Bachelor and Bachelorette do have a bit a problem with finding contestants who are very similar. Season 21 is no exception (though there are more minorities among the contestants than usual.) The one similarity a lot of the women share is they love everything aquatic, especially dolphins and The Little Mermaid, with dolphins having a commanding popularity lead. 

When asked which kind of animal they would be, about a quarter of the 30 women who will enter The Bachelor season 21 responded with dolphin. (Pretty much everyone else responded with a bird of some kind because they would be able to fly or "they see life from a different perspective.") 

The reasons for wanting to be a dolphin are surprisingly varied. 26 year-old Briana wants to be a dolphin because she would be able to breathe underwater and "be cute." It would be a rude awakening for Briana if she got her wish because dolphins can't breathe underwater, hence that blow hole on their backs. Astrid, meanwhile, wants to be a dolphin so she can save lost sailors, something I don't think dolphins ever do outside movies, and do tricks. Astrid's fantasy life as an animal sounds exhausting. The cream of the crop is Alexis, whose job is "aspiring dolphin trainer," AKA unemployed with a marine biology degree. 

Alexis also starts the trend of saying that if she could be any fictional character it would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid because "who doesn't want to be a mermaid?" Clearly Alexis hasn't seen The Little Mermaid because Ariel's whole motivation of the movie is not wanting to be a mermaid. 26-year-old Susannah, meanwhile, wants to be Ariel because the character wears a seashell bra. As a man I have never worn a bra, but I'm fairly certain a seashell bra would be neither comfortable nor supportive.

Assorted Odd Answers and the Beginning of Dead-End Relationships

While most of the women are tapping into dolphins and The Little Mermaid answers, there are plenty of wonderfully weird answers that are individual to each lady. 26-year-old Angela, one of the dolphin-lovers, says her worst date ever was because the guy gave his name as Batman at the restaurant, which was "so immature." This might be true, but according to Angela's other answers, two of her all-time favorite movies are Ace Ventura and Despicable Me, both of which are kids' movies. She would also be happy if she never had to drive herself anywhere again. Clearly Angela is beacon of responsibility and maturity. 

25-year-old Raven, if she could be anyone for one day, would like to a literal child. Specifically she would be Blue Ivy because Jay-Z and Beyonce would be her parents. To be clear, according to the terms of the question Raven could be Beyonce or Jay Z, but she would rather be their toddler daughter. 

24-year-old Josephine describes her profession as an "unemployed nurse." Presumably Josephine has goals of being a nurse here but it doesn't change that she doesn't have a job. She should get along with "aspiring dolphin trainer" Alexis swimmingly, pun very much intended. 

If Christen, who is 25, could do anything illegal with no repercussions she would break into the White House and sleep in a storage closet "for months" to see what goes on behind closed doors. Someone should tell Christen that it would be far more efficient, comfortable and still illegal to plant bugs or listening devices inside the White House. A long stealth mission in one of the most secure buildings on Earth sounds like a living nightmare. 

25-year-old Lacey gives my favorite answer to the question, "If you could have lunch with three people, alive or dead, who would you pick and what would you order?" Lacey's response is Shakespeare, JK Rowling and Joe Jonas. They would all eat burgers and fries. There is no joke to be made here, it speaks for itself. 

My absolute favorite answer of them all is from 29-year-old doula Liz who says she would live happy if she never had to kill someone. Killing someone is not a regular thing people do, Liz! You can very easily avoid it. We should all be very worried about and for Liz.

But what do you think? What are the most bizarre answers? Do you understand the attraction to dolphins and The Little Mermaid? Do any of the ladies seem like a good match for Nick? Do you care if they are a good match? 

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